Hello world!

cropped-fb-P1130209.pngI started field herping in the early 1970s.  I’ve been blogging about herps since 1996.  Of course, blogging hadn’t been invented yet, but nobody told us, the handful of proto-bloggers who felt the compulsion to write about our adventures with amphibians and reptiles.

I used to write lengthy missives about some of the trips I made, but it was very time consuming, and these days I don’t have the time for that.  It also led to a lot of sloppy writing without much thought behind it.  Very embarrassing.

My goal with this blog is keep the focus on a single theme – a specific herp, a singular moment, a topic I want to explore.  Everything bouncing around in my brain that wants to get out, in 800 words or less.  800 words satisfies the short attention span everyone has, and if I can’t reasonably entertain you (and me) in 800 words, then I need to hang it up.

Thanks for reading along this far.  If it’s not apparent yet, I’m also interested in other herp-related blogs, so drop me a note if you have one.


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